Products & Warranty :

Our Baling Net have been guaranteed & any undetected defect can be returned within 28 Days. simply contact us at any time to resolve any matter at anytime !



Our 123 & 130 mm range might suit differently machinery based on their fit, please ensure to check the manual of the machine or contact us at any time for assistance at any time. 

Here is also a general guideline for common machinery fits : 

- CASE H : 123mm

- John Deere : 123mm 

- New holland : 123mm

- Krone & Khun : 123, 130 mm 

- Vermer, Vicon & Weldger : 123 & 130 mm

Please ensure to contact us for any uncertainty!

Machinery fits might warry upon models!!

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Assistance :

For Any Support, Questions or Inquiries, please contact us or leave your details and we get in contact with you !!

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